Dangerous Labor-Green Renewables to blame for everything says LNP

The LNP is expected to announce today that even though the spate of blackouts and potential power outages across the country over the past few days cannot be attributed to using renewable energy – this doesn’t mean that dangerous Labor-Green backed Renewables are not to blame.

When asked for further details about what it was that renewable energy sources were actually to blame for, a government spokesperson said that they were still looking into it, but that:

  • Solar Energy was known to obtain its power from the Sun, which is largely held responsible for the heatwaves across Australia over the last few days.
  • Hydro Energy was being investigated for its failure to release sufficient water to control the fires that had broken out across the country, and particularly in NSW, suggesting that it may have aided and abetted Solar Energy. It is also wanted for questioning in relation to major flooding that has occurred in WA.
  • More than one Wind Turbine was spotted in the vicinity of heatwaves experienced across the country. The government spokesperson said that a potential link to ISIS had not been ruled out.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” said a Government spokesperson, “And our policy positions – I mean our investigations – lead us to believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that dangerous Labor-Green Renewables did it.  Just exactly what they did is as yet unclear – but when we’ve had out spin meeting, I mean our update meeting today, I’m sure we’ll be able to tell you.”






  • Most Australians who value common sense understand that the only defence we have against climate change is renewables. Many Queensland homes now have solar on the roof and soon, down the track we will also install batteries so we have have 24 hour electricity coverage. Australians can see more severe heat waves becoming more frequent and are having to move, themselves, instead of waiting for this tired old tory (LNP) government to get in boots and all and support renewable energy.
    We in North Queensland have the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam which can be and should be fitted with a hydro electric base-load power station, yet, not a peep from this LNP govt in Canberra, they would rather support their mates in the coal industry, coal that creates green house gases which are the reason for more frequent and more severe climatic effects like heat waves, bushfires, floods and droughts which also have become more severe and more frequent.
    This has now become a matter of life and death, which political party do we choose the current one which will lead to death, or a progressive party like The Greens or Labor which will lead to life? I choose life!

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  • We have entered dangerous territory in Australian ‘political discourse’ (if that is what we can call it). We have entered a space where any bare-faced, blatant lie, if repeated often enough will create enough doubt and confusion to enable the un-elected backers of our major political parties to go on lining their pockets a bit longer. No policy area better exemplifies this than climate change and energy policy in which we have seen coalition fools and buffoons juggling chunks of coal in the House of Reps in support of their renewed use of that meaningless phrase ‘clean coal’. Following right on from that prize piece of black-hearted stupidity we have a conga line of Coalition clowns one after another pronouncing the current buzz word ‘intermittency’ in support of their dumb-assed assertion that renewables are (despite all the evidence) after all responsible for power black-outs and driving electricity prices up. Their aim? To undermine State renewable energy targets which their funding masters view as unwarranted interference with their God given right to make a buck now – and to Hell with our futures.

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