What kind of a President would Donald Trump be? (The top 5 signs your would-be world leader’s narcissism is out of control.)

With the US Election only days away, the rest of the world watches on as the American public decides who will be the next ‘leader of the free world’ – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton has been a key player on the world stage for years now, so we have some idea of what she would be like as President. On the other hand, self-described ‘outsider’ Donald Trump is an unknown when it comes to political leadership. So it’s worth considering…

What kind of a President would Donald Trump be?

One way to judge this is to look at previous world leaders with similar personality characteristics. And according to a number of mental health professionals – including Harvard Professor Howard Gardener – one of the most striking things about Donald Trump’s personality is that he is a textbook narcissist.

whattrumpseesinmirrorNarcissism is sometimes known as the “disease that hurts other people“. It is self-love on steroids – but not in a good way. The narcissist feeds on the admiration of others, seeing themselves as the hero of their own story with everyone else in their life lowly ‘bit players’.

In terms of previous narcissistic world leaders  – three of the most famous in the last 100 years have been  Stalin, Hitler and Sadam Hussein.

These three world leaders were obviously extremes – but is Trump really that bad? Should we be worried? If Trump wins the election next week, exactly how bad is his narcissism?

Here’s a handy checklist:

The top 5 signs your would-be world leader’s narcissism is out of control

FIVE: They throw a tantrum if you insult them

A narcissist will often put others down. Whether it’s calling an entire race rapists, drug lords, and criminals or referring to women as pigs, slobs and dogs – narcissists are often legendary sledgers. But throw just a little of it back their way, and no matter how old the narcissist, they will typically respond like a five-year-old.

Here’s a recent example of how US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump responded to criticism from Hillary Clinton during the third Presidential Debate held in October:

FOUR: They say ‘Heh – if you’ve got a nuclear bomb, why not use it?’

One of the key trademarks of a narcissist is their pathological inability to feel empathy. Here’s an example:

After being told at an event that two men beat a Hispanic 58-year-old homeless man in Trump’s name —breaking his nose and urinating on him, Trump said:  “I will say the people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and want this country to be great again.”

Trump demonstrates no empathy whatsoever for the homeless man. Instead, he focuses on how passionate this must mean his followers are about him.

So what happens when you take someone whose singular focus is on themselves – and give them the ability to materially impact the safety and well-being not just of the USA, but of much of the world?

To date, the world has arguably been kept safe from wholesale nuclear attack by the ‘Mutually Assured Destruction‘ or ‘MAD’ policy. This policy assumes that if two countries both have nuclear weapons of mass destruction, then neither side will use them for fear of reprisal and the tremendous potential for loss of life on both sides. But exactly how would this work if you put someone who doesn’t care about anybody else’s pain in charge of the world largest’s stockpile of nuclear weapons?

Trump has publicly stated that he would “not do first strikes“. However, it has been reported that in a foreign intelligence briefing  a few months back, Trump asked a foreign policy expert three times within an hour:

“If we have [nuclear weapons], why can’t we use them?”

THREE: They have to wear flame-resistant pants

For a narcissist,  the truth at any point in time is what suits them.  If it helps them to say all Mexicans are criminals and rapists one minute and then claim to love all Hispanics the next – then that’s what they’ll do.

Pulitzer prize winning fact-checker website Politifact assesses all American presidential candidate’s statements against the actual facts. According to them, only 1 in 25 of Trump’s statements is completely true. Even if you include statements that are ‘mostly true’ and ‘half true’, the count still only comes in at 3 in 10 – leaving Trump’s pants well and truly in flames for at least 70% of the time.

To avoid his followers being distracted by the readily apparent contradictions in what he says, Trump regularly demonises the media at his rallies. Trump calls the media ‘horrible liars’ and tells his supporters that he’ll tell them “what the truth is”.

Ex-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott may not have been the suppository of all wisdom – but clearly, Trump believes that he is.

TWO: They literally believe they are the Messiah

As the election campaign has progressed, Trump seems to be speaking of himself in increasingly glowing terms, and often in the third person.  More disturbingly, as John Oliver recently pointed out on Last Week Tonight, Trump is now speaking of himself as though he is literally the Messiah:

Many of Trump’s supporters seem to have picked up on this messianic vibe, following Trump with the unwavering religious fervour not often seen outside a church.

ONE: They think the only reason they wouldn’t be elected President of the United States is because the election is rigged

And finally – the number one sign that a would-be world leader’s narcissism is out of control, is that he thinks the only way he could lose an election for President of the United States is because the election is rigged.

In the final presidential debate, Trump famously refused to confirm that he would accept the outcome of the election on November 8, saying that he would wait until the outcome was known before he would make up his mind.

Trump subsequently clarified how he will judge whether the election is rigged – saying:

“I will totally accept the results of this great and historical presidential election results if I win”.

Not – “I’ll accept the results after my scrutineers have confirmed that everything is above board” or  “I’ll accept the results following an independent inquiry into possible voter fraud”. No. In this ultimate act of narcissism, Trump’s only yardstick as to whether the election for the most senior political office in the world is rigged is whether or not he wins.

The verdict is in – Trump’s narcissism may actually break records

Trump isn’t the first narcissist to want to rule the world – but if he wins the upcoming election, he would be taking the reins of power in the USA at a crucial time in world history. At a time when the world’s economies are transitioning to cope with the information age, globalisation and a burgeoning population. At a time when the humanitarian crisis is greater than it has ever been. And at a time when global warming poses a huge threat to the future of the planet.

Right now, the world needs strong global leaders to navigate through these problems. But the strength that is needed is not the brash self-confidence of a manipulative narcissist who was literally born with a golden spoon in his mouth and who will focus primarily on his own personal well-being rather than the good of all. What the world needs now is global leaders with the maturity to bring an end to the destruction that war brings and forge a path that unites rather than destroys. Whatever Trump’s level of narcissism – he is definitely not that person.


  • When the only thing standing in the way of a Trump presidency is a Clinton presidency, you know the world’s in a bit of trouble. And the irony of it is that about half the US population won’t even bother to get off their idle fat arses and vote.

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  • There’s a part of me that wants Trump to win…. please, hear me out.

    Yes, Hillary is the safer option, BUT she is not going to change anything much and we’ll have to suffer more from a vicious and divided Republican Party.

    If Trump wins, we can rely upon upon the US military to keep him away from the shiny red button – they did so with Nixon and, I imagine they’d be extra vigilant with Trump.

    Trump’s voters will be shocked when he doesn’t make America great again, doesn’t provide jobs or a living wage for the millions of poor, and has to be babysat by a massive (and expensive) entourage of minders (AKA babysitters).

    The Republican Party will remain very divided and, as Trump will need to be replaced (a la Kevin Rudd), the ‘GOP’ will quite probably fall apart needing some years in the electoral wilderness to recover or split its components into 2 new right-wing parties of religious nutters and libertarians, respectively. Meanwhile the Democrats will find working with the Greens and other progressives as a way forward as we watch the climate ramp up its change and reality finally slams home.

    It will not be pretty. Nor likely to mend within my lifetime. However, Hillary is not the instigator of severing the ties between big business and politics. We need something far more extreme than her, besides, we had Obama and while his contribution will fare him well in the annals of history, he could not be the change – we need anarchy.

    Therefore, everyone, remember those words from so long ago last century; Duck and Cover.


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    • That’s an interesting perspective. I can’t deny that there is a part of me that thinks the only way Trump supporters will realise he isn’t the messiah is if he is voted in and they can see for themselves. That said – I think the risk of the potential damage he could do to the globe outweighs my desire to see this happen. But I still understand what you mean 🙂

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    • I would agree with diannaart’s view. I won’t be all that sorry to see Trump win.

      Reason 1: watch the Assange/Pilger interview in London’s Ecuadorian embassy and see the murky waters in which Hillary Clinton has been swimming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sbT3_9dJY4. Defeat in 2016 will get rid of this hawkish pretender for ever and ensure the Democrats find someone better for 2020. And we’ll avoid the inevitable tsunami of whining conspiracy-theorist rigged-election bleats, and whatever street-level gun-charged consequences, from his childish tantrum-throwing Republican supporters.

      Reason 2: Victory for Trump in 2016 will fairly soon expose him for the offensive sexist lying bloviating overblown fraud that he is. We need to pray (and I don’t even believe in god, but I’ll do that) his minders keep his finger off the red nuclear button. But he’ll be lucky to make it through two years, let alone four, without being impeached. If that doesn’t destroy the Republican Party, nothing will.

      Reason 3: My own finely-honed sense of schadenfreude. I’m going to really enjoy sitting back (I’m ordering in the popcorn as we speak) to watch this ludicrous buffoon crash and burn. Just like I’m doing now with the Brits and their mindless Brexit vote (I was born and brought up there, but bless the day I decided to stay in Australia) – there is no finer entertainment than to watch people who made a disastrous decision and say, well, you made your bed, now lie on it, you stupid sods.

      Sorry. I’m not very much into forgiveness. Especially forgiveness of wilful ignorance.

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      • We complain about the limitations of our two-party system here, but at least third parties and independents do get a go. In the USA, it is near impossible for alternative candidates to get the air-time.


        2016 may go in the history books as the most divisive political election. People are saying the Democratic & Republican candidates are equally awful.

        So, why am I so convinced we won’t swear in a third-party candidate in January 2017?
        How America’s System Favors Republican & Democratic Candidates

        Republican & Democratic candidates are on the ballot in all 50 states once they receive their respective party’s nomination. Third-party candidates must petition every state to either be on the ballot or be a write-in candidate.

        There’s also the media coverage disadvantages third-party candidates face.

        Perhaps the 2016 debacle will provide food for thought by Americans regarding third party candidates in future.

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      • Well, here we go. Popcorn at the ready. I watched the overblown fool’s victory speech, and all of a sudden he’s the great unifier now, governing for ALL Americans and bringing the country together for a big lovefest. Yeah, sure, and I’m Vladimir Putin. Give me a break. The man’s entire life and persona has been built around confrontationalism, barging others out of the way, and blaming others for his defeats, and now he wants everyone to believe he’s changed in an instant. Let’s see how those “forgotten people” who vote him in feel in four years from now. Will anything have changed for them? I doubt it. The world is watching, Donny Boy.


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