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You can’t fight an ideological war by shutting physical borders

As news came out yesterday evening that a Syrian refugee passport was found next to one of the terrorists in the Paris attacks on Friday, predictably the media pounced, and all the right wing refugee-demonisers came out in force. Our very own stop-the-boats-fetishest, Tony Abbott,  spoke with his media team – the Daily Terrorgraph, sorry Daily Telegraph – who today published

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Top 5 signs your country’s refugee policy is a disaster

Australia’s Minister for Saying-We’ve-Stopped-the-Boats – one Mr Peter ‘PDuddy’ Dutton – was out and about this morning defending what he and his government believe is the best and most successful immigration policy EVER. I decided to check out PDuddy’s claim against the following officialesque list… The Top 5 signs your Refugee Policy is a disaster Number Five: Refugees would rather

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Nauru: What do bird poop, the Russian Mafia and Australia’s refugee policy have in common? 

Nauru was described by The Economist in 2001 as a hotbed of incompetence – as “Paradise Lost… enormous moth-eaten fedora: a ghastly grey mound of rock surrounded by a narrow green brim of vegetation“. That same year, Nauru became a cornerstone of one of the LNP’s favourite policies – their refugee policy. In the heady days of the Abbott PMship, barely a day went

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Hypothetical: What would you do if…..? (Part One)

Geoffrey Robertson’s recent appearance on Q and A reminded me of the value of considering a situation through the eyes of another via a hypothetical situation… Here’s one to have a go at by: Reading the Hypothetical (and extremely fictional) story. Considering the three options. Checking out the ‘Things to consider’ section. And then…. Voting for the option you would choose if you were

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Abbott the Dragon Slayer: The art of making scary mountains out of tiny molehills

Unless you’ve been on a desert island or in a coma, you’ve heard Tony Abbott boast over and over and over again that: “We’ve had a lot of really significant achievements over the last year: We stopped the boats. We scrapped the carbon tax. We scrapped the mining tax“ These three issues were a key part of Abbott’s 2013 election

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